Excentrico Barrilete - One Man Show

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Excentrico Barrilete - One Man Show

Excentrico Barrilete is an elegant, demanding and exaggerated clown.
A poetic, lonely and rebellious dreamer.
An eccentric and talented character that combines humour, gestural theatre, slapsticks, illusionism and endless skills and techniques in equal parts.
A wild show of universal language with strong participation of the public where laughter, emotions and joy approach the spectators of all ages reaching their destination with a poetic ending.


One Man Show

Clown | Giocoleria | Magia/Illusionismo |

One Man Show

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A unique way to fuse magic and clown!!
An adrenaline rush!!
More than 1000 representations around the world!!!

Created, directed and starred by Emanuel Ferreyra, an argentine clown, magician, juggler with over 15 years of trajectory in circus, theatre, festivals and streets.
“Excentrico Barrilete One Man Show” is a fun, surprising and adrenaline show that, since 2007, has been presented in 20 countries of four continents

Genere: magia, escapologia, clown, slapstick, giocoleria

Durata spettacolo: 45 min.
Tempo montaggio: 50 min.
Tempo smontaggio: 30 min.