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The showcase for young creative artists in Outdoor Arts


As part of the 16th edition of the Mirabilia International Festival


Cuneo –September 1-2, 2022


Fnas Showcase has been created to find emerging creative artists and new art projects at the local level.

Our idea to boost the national and international circulation of Italian performances was well received: as many as 70 applicants responded to the open call launched by FNAS and submitted 75 different art projects.


6 projects have been selected

and will be presented on September 1 and 2

as part of the Mirabilia International Festival

in a section dedicated to Outdoor Arts


During the two-day presentation:

- A Fnas mentor will work alongside the companies to follow the "Pro program" of the event, and provide artists with the necessary tools to get in contact with participating and interested professionals and planners

- We will give visibility to all candidate projects

- We will organize a talk on September 1 on the topic of how performing arts in public spaces can contribute to urban regeneration projects.



Thursday, September 1:

- 5 pm in Via Roma: Compagnia Funa, "ROOM 22" by Marianna Moccia and Valeria Nappi

- 7 pm Giardini Lalla Romano:  Compagnia Circo in rotta, "Tienimi che ti tengo" by Eva Campanaro and Francesca Fioraso

- 9.30 pm in Piazza Galimberti: Compagnia Eventi Verticali, "Cubo" by Andrea and Luca Piallini


Friday, September 1:

-8.30 and 10.45 am at Basse del Troll: CIFRA Danzateatro "IperBosco", collective creation by CIFRA Danzateatro

-5 pm starting from via Roma, in from of the S. Ambrogio church: Faber Teater, "The champion and the mosquito", a creation by Faber Teater and Mario Chiapuzzo

-6 pm in Piazza Foro Boario (Stage 1): Mr. Mustache, "Affetto D’Amore" by Berardino Franco and Domenico Lannutti





On the occasion of the 16th Mirabilia International Festival,

and as part of the first edition of FNAS SHOWCASE -

a new event to discuss and open new horizons for

Art in Public Spaces

FANS Federazione Nazionale Arte in Strada



The round table

"Living together"

When the performative action becomes a precondition for collective action


Rondò dei Talenti, Cuneo

September 1, 2022

10.30 – 12.30



Caterina Moroni, performer and professional in the field of cultural design

Telma Luìs, Project Manager Imaginarius Festival (Portugal)

Stefano Tè, artistic director of Compagnia Teatro dei Venti and Trasparenze Festival

Claudio Trotta, cultural manager and vice president of UNISCA



Eleonora Ariolfo, director of Federazione Nazionale Arti in Strada

Living together will focus on the present and investigate the role of artists and planners as activators of community engagement processes. By presenting real-life experiences and best practices, we will highlight how collaborative projects can facilitate and promote participation and coexistence, even in emerging and/or peripheral territories.

The round table will be an informal chat to discuss the professional experience of the panelists and explore ways to develop alternative practices to engage the audience into experiencing the places they live in and walk through in a different way.

The round table is part of the FNAS LAB project, one of the new areas of activities in the FNAS programming.


Supported by

Ministero della cultura

Fondazione CRT


In collaboration with

 Festival Internazionale di Mirabilia